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How to prepare a Print Ready File for the Printers

Getting ready to send your files off to the printer? The checklist below will carry you through each aspect of preparing your files. IMAGE How to Prepare Images for Print ✅ 300 DPI/PPI resolution ✅ Convert images to CMYK ✅ Images are large enough to avoid pixelation ✅ Vector files are best for logos, icons, and graphics ✅ Images/graphics packaged with file or embedded FONTS ✅ Proofread your work! ✅ Package fonts with the file OR convert text to outlines ✅ Check font sizes, styles, & justification for readability ✅ Check your character thickness - thin fonts don't print well! COLORS Creating Color Swatches for Print ✅ Colour swatches are CMYK (not RGB) ✅ If Pantones are used, the color number is correct ✅ All blacks are set to Black (0, 0, 0, 100%) not Registration (100%, 100%, 100%, 100%) DOCUMENT Your Best Guide for Creating Print-Ready Files ✅ 0.125 or 1/8" bleed ✅ 0.5 - 1" margins ✅ Document size is correct ✅ Settings are correct for any cuts & folds, or perforation PRINT FILES Your Best Guide for Creating Print-Ready File ✅ Submit a high-res PDF or a document package ✅ FOR PDF: Don't forget to export the proper bleed & trim settings ✅ FOR PACKAGED FILE: All fonts & images included in the package! MISC. Prepress: How to Set Up Print Files for Metallic or White Ink Arranging Printer Spreads for Saddle Stitch Booklets ✅ Settings are correct for any special inks (metallic gold, silver, or white) ✅ If you are printing a saddle stitch booklet, the spreads are set up properly

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